Patchwork Leather/Cowhide Rug UNIONJACKCOLOUR 120x200cm 1

Wholesale Rugs

We import our rugs directly from manufacturing facilities around the world. This means that we can offer the best prices.

Use the quick order sheet click here. Trade prices are only displayed to logged in trade customers.

Everything is of the highest quality. We use natural materials (mainly wool) in all our rugs.

If you are a retailer and would like to stock any of the products shown on our website, then please email or call us for our wholesale pricelist. We are happy to help with uploads for online stores.

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Trade Rugs

1. There is no minimum order quantity. You can order just 1 rug if you like.

2. Prices do not include VAT or delivery, nor any customs duty or taxes payable upon arrival at your port.

3. You can order any of our stock rugs with next day delivery. For bulk orders or custom designs it may take about a month for flokati rugs and two months for other rugs.

4. For samples, please order from regular stock at retail price (free Next Day Delivery) and advise us within 7 days for a free return. (Sorry, free return UK only)

5. You are welcome to call us to discuss your requirements.

6. We are happy to supply online shops, physical shops, interior designers on a direct dispatch basis. Please contact us for details. This allows you to offer our entire range without having to stock it.


Wholesale Flokati Rugs

Our flokatis come in any shape, size and colours.

Soft, luxurious, and plush, best describes the feel of an exquisite area rug from Greece!

All of our Flokatis are Hand-Woven, made out of 100% New Zealand drysdale wool type 126/7, which is by far the best wool in the world.

The standard weights we offer are 1700g/m2 and 2800g/m2.

Other weights can of course be arranged.

Delivery time: 5 weeks
(one off pieces 1-3 months)

Wholesale Wool Rugs

Only your imagination can set the limit. You can design it how you like. Shapes such as clover, flowers, circles etc can be cut out of the felt and mixed with handknotted shaggy wool.

We mainly use 100% New Zealand wool, but we also stock polyester, cotton, and staple.

All rugs are handmade in India.

Delivery time (air): 1-2 months

Delivery time (sea) 2-3

Our leather rugs can be made like a shag rug, or patterned, with or without fur.

This leather comes from India. It is a waste product so it hasn’t cost any cow’s life.

You can also mix with other materials such as wool. Here are some examples of what we can do.

Spring Twist Natural White 70x140cm 3

Wholesale Rugs made from photos

Yes we can do this. You can take any photo, and reduce the colours in photoshop to the amount you want, and send us the ready pixelated photo. Our designer will draw a map for the rug maker.

The more colours, the more expensive. We recommend using 7-10 colours.

We can make one of each, or bulk orders.

This is the new “canvas”. You can also offer this service to your customers.

We recommend wool, but can also use other materials for bulk orders.

These rugs are handmade in India.

Delivery time (air): 1-2 months
Delivery time (sea) 2-3 months

Yes we can do almost anything.

Any pattern, shape, colour, name it.

You will need to provide clear photos and instructions.

We use wool, staple, cotton, jute, polyester, leather etc..every material that is suitable for a rug.

Wholesale Cow hides

Our cowhides are large. They come from Argentina.

Each cowhide is unique. You can order from our stock. We have next day delivery for stock items. Each hide is exactly as displayed on the photo.

We can also have cowhides made for you. You can choose between natural, patterned and dyed cowhides.

You can also choose which colour and size category.

Order individually with your trade login, or contact us about bulk orders

Cowhide Rug 200x185cm moo894 1
Icelandic Sheepskin Natural Rusty Brown 110120cm 3

Wholesale Sheep skins

If you need regular sheep, icelandic sheep or rare breed sheep, we can supply them.

They are soft and have a thick fur.

You can choose natural white sheep skins or dyed ones.

You can also order other sizes – not giant sheep, but sheepskins joined together in a big rug.

Wholesale Reindeer hides

Our reindeer hides comes from Lapland in Sweden.

The reindeers have been roaming around freely in the mountains and forests, and then collected when their time is up.

The hides have been well prepared in a tannery in Sweden.

Each reindeer hide is unique. The colours and sizes very slightly but they are similar.

We stock A-grade hides available for next day delivery.